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(December 8, 2023) With the November passage of Issue 2, Ohio’s statue to legalize commercial cannabis, the legislature has been working feverously to pass a bill that would modify and refine the specifications of that law.

Earlier this week the house introduced and passed HB 86 which included several significant changes to Issue 2, none of which pertained directly to employers. Yesterday, the Senate sent their substitution bill back to the House and, if passed, will move to the governor for signature.

Working Partners® walks you through the changes and what that mean for employers.

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Tools to help determine and communicate your organization’s stance on medical marijuana

Ohio employers need to determine their stance on the state’s medical marijuana law.  And after that decision has been made, it’s critical you inform and verify that your employees understand your decision.  Check out the tools we’ve developed to help you decide and act on your stance – whatever direction you choose – and then communicate that stance to your employees and supervisors.

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