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Consultation & Troubleshooting Services

Questions are bound to come up while running your drug-free workplace (DFWP) program. Let us help! Our experienced staff is available to answer your questions and work through employee or organizational challenges with you.

Whether you are looking to have your current DFWP policy reviewed, need coaching on how to run your program more efficiently, want your entire program audited for improvement, or need help establishing a best-practice return-to-duty process, we’ve got you covered.

We can also help you troubleshoot those tricky, employee-centric situations that you just can’t figure out, like whether you should ask an employee to take a reasonable suspicion or post-accident test, or what to do if you get a tip from a client.  We encourage you to follow our 10-minute rule:

If you have spent more than 10 minutes on a drug-free workplace issue, call us for help!

Using best-practice standards, we can help you come up with a response that will work with your program and situation.  And if you have a DFWP policy created by Working Partners®, we will even be able to direct you to specific places in your policy for help.

*Working Partners® Consortium members have access to these services as part of their membership benefits.  Otherwise, consultation and troubleshooting services are billed at an hourly rate.*