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  • Six Reminders for Hiring (Drug-Free) Summer Help

    (May 10, 2022)

    (May 2022) With summer right around the corner, many employers are getting ready to hire additional employees to get through their upcoming busy season. Yet, while summer may be the time to get extra help, it’s not the time to take a vacation from running an effective drug-free workplace program. As you prepare to bring […]

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  • Exposing the Stigma of Addiction

    (April 14, 2022)

    (April 2022) Scientific research has shed new light on substance use disorder (SUD), aka addiction. This long, misunderstood diagnosis is now identified as a chronic brain disease, the result of alcohol and other drug use changing the structure of the brain and how it functions. Yet while science has demonstrated there are many similarities between […]

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  • Marijuana and Ohio: Legislation you should know about

    (February 4, 2022)

    By Fran Gerbig, Executive Director, Prevention Action Alliance & Working Partners® (February 2022) Our nation is in the process of changing its relationship with our culture’s most widely used illicit drug – marijuana. As states consider and pass various marijuana-related bills, it’s important for businesses to stay apprised of the various initiatives that could impact […]

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  • Marijuana Impairment & Drug Testing

    (January 12, 2022)

    By Bill Current, Founder of the Current Consulting Group (January 2022) Which drug testing method—urine, oral fluid or hair—is best at detecting marijuana and establishing a correlation to recent drug use and possible impairment? All three testing methods are highly accurate at detecting marijuana, but each has its own unique attributes. When considering drug testing […]

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