• Working Partners® made it extremely easy for us to put a drug-free workplace policy in place at a time when we really had no clear idea of what direction to take. They were certainly sensitive to the labor/management issues that we face, and with their invaluable assistance we were able to address these union issues head on and still manage to institute an effective policy. Working Partners® also conducts our yearly employee education and supervisor training, and they make it so easy to put it together – we call them and they make it happen!

    Randy Stickle, Former Fire Chief
    Clinton Township
  • No matter how thorough any training program is, there will always be situations that occur that weren’t covered in the training.  When that happens, Working Partners® is there to answer our questions and come to our aid.  Busy HR departments today have their hands full keeping up with the latest legislative or regulatory changes that affect the employment environment.  Knowing that we can count on Working Partners® to keep our DFWP program up to date is a real comfort.  They are truly more than a service provider; they are, in fact, our ‘working partner.’

    Tom Deuber, Former President
    Lane Aviation
  • We have been working with Working Partners® since 2003.  They were very instrumental in developing our policy and training for our foremen and Spanish-speaking team members. Working Partners® is very knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest changes of the laws that have passed in our industry.

    Anna Vizmeg, Office Manager
    Vizmeg Landscape, Inc.
  • If it was not for Working Partners®, I would be completely lost as well as inefficient in my position as Program Administrator for our drug-free workplace program. Thanks to Working Partners® training and technical support, I am very confident in my role. The Program Administrator course that I took was helpful not only with updating our policy but also with assisting me with the understanding of each and every “will” and “may” in our policy. I walked away from the class feeling confident not only in our policy but also in myself for truly understanding our policy. I recommend the Program Administrator Course to anyone who is just starting a drug-free workplace policy or to someone that is new to the position.

    Shane Muzzina, Assistant Controller
    Acoustic Ceiling & Partition Co. of Ohio
  • We have worked with Working Partners® for many years, but probably the most instrumental service that they have provided to us was in the initial policy development phase. We knew philosophically that we wanted to put a drug-free workplace program into place and we wanted to apply for the workers’ compensation discount, but we didn’t know where to begin. Working Partners® helped us move forward – they ‘dummied it up” for us by providing a policy that was legally accurate.

    Robyn Pollina, CFO
    Palmer-Donavin Manufacturing Company
  • It is great to have the support that we need to maintain our drug-free workplace program. As a Working Partners® consortium members, we can just pick up the phone and someone will help us. We are small business owners and wear a lot of hats. It is nice to have an expert handy to see us through tough issues that might come up. Policy development with Working Partners® was as painless as possible. The process that they took us though allowed us to develop a policy to meet the specific needs of our company.

    Jan Girard, President
    McKee Door Sales of Columbus, Inc.