Start Talking! Business

BIZ - Business Impact Zone logo.Start Talking! is an effort initiated by Governor John Kasich and First Lady Karen W. Kasich in January 2014 aimed at preventing drug abuse among Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens – our children.

Recognizing the need to help Ohio businesses address substance abuse and addiction in the workplace and protect their most valuable assets – their employees – the Kasich Administration expanded the Start Talking! initiative in 2015 to include business. Start Talking! BIZ (Business Impact Zone) promotes drug-free workplaces and workforce readiness by offering a collection of FREE tools and resources specifically designed to keep employers informed, arm management teams and provide materials to motivate workforces.

Working Partners® served as a strategic partner on the initiative, creating a set of tools specifically designed to help employers be a part of the solution to the substance abuse epidemic and protect their bottom lines. The toolkit included videos, PowerPoint presentations and free Start Talking! BIZ tips — bi-weekly tips designed to help employers stay on top of current drug trends, stimulate conversations with employees about drug-free workplaces and assist employees who need help for an alcohol or other drug problem.

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