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What We Do

Briding the Gap Infographic.At Working Partners®, our mission is to collaborate with businesses and communities to create behavioral change in adults and, ultimately, improve the quality of the workforce.  Our efforts are primarily related to drug-free workplace issues but are also called upon to address other workforce issues such as fiscal literacy. We do this through:

  • Research and discovery to enable us to effectively meet our clients’ needs
  • Communication designed to be simple and easily understood
  • Cutting-edge programming designed with adults in mind that can be integrated into a broader system approach, if needed
  • Mission-driven services that are customized and provided in response to clients’ and communities’ needs
  • Education that is focused, practical and tailored to adult learning needs

Our recognized drug-free workplace programs

Our specialized products and services allow employers to create and maintain comprehensive, effective drug-free workplace programs:

Working Partners® pledges, in all our work, to provide:

  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Unparalleled program support
  • Cooperative partnerships
  • High-quality, practical policies and programs
  • Innovative, easy-to-implement products and services
  • Maximum ability to access savings and benefits programs in areas such as workers’ compensation, insurance and grant funding