Employee Assistance Program

It is important for employers to identify helping resource that employees can access if they need assistance with a personal issue that is or could impact their work performance.  Contracting with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a cost-effective and efficient way to provide these workplace-specific services.

An EAP serves two clients — the employee and the employer.

Employees (and their family members) have access to a contracted number of sessions with a counselor. During these sessions, the EAP will conduct an assessment, provide brief counseling, or refer the employee if they have a problem – like a substance use disorder – that requires more in-depth treatment.  In making the referral, the EAP will research the employee’s insurance — and other benefits — to find a treatment provider that is appropriate, affordable and accessible for the employee.

Employers who mandate an employee receive an alcohol or other drug assessment will need a report about the assessment and subsequent recommendations from the EAP.  The EAP will also continue monitoring the employee’s progress until they can be returned to work – as quickly as possible — healthy and ready to produce.

Other critical services offered by most EAPs include

  • 24-hour crisis line staffed by professional counselors
  • Management support in dealing with employee and organizational challenges (e.g., threats of violence, employee morale)
  • Education and written resources to help deal with behavioral health issues
  • Emergency intervention and critical incident stress management

Finding and selecting an EAP doesn’t have to be difficult.  All Working Partners® Consortium members have access to discounted EAP services.

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