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Working Partners® is a consulting firm that helps businesses save money and minimize liability associated with substance misuse in employees by maintaining drug-free workplaces. 

For over 33 years, we have honed this expertise in the drug-free workplace (DFWP) field by helping employers and system leaders develop and manage comprehensive, effective DFWP policies and programs. Working Partners® is a recognized industry leader, servicing over 1,700 employers a year throughout the U.S. who are motivated to operate drug-free workplace programs.

Our services include:

  • Corporate policy and program development
  • Policy audits
  • Annual consortium services that include the following benefits
  • Unlimited troubleshooting consultations regarding drug and alcohol challenges within the workforce
  • Access and discounts through our preferred vendors for EAP, drug testing, employee education, supervisor training and HR
  • Critical updates and technical assistance

Clients we serve
Our clients are diverse, representing every industry and size, and companies with and without federal mandates, multi-state operations and unions. They range from large and small individual employers to state and local government systems, worker’s compensation insurance and managed care organizations, to business and industry associations. Here are a few organizations that rely on Working Partners® expertise and services:

  • The Builders Exchange, Inc.
  • Sedgwick and CareWorksComp
  • Elford, Inc.
  • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and numerous Ohio community behavior health boards
  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
  • The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association
  • Two Men and a Truck

Brief history of Workings Partners®

1991: Dee Mason creates BASA (Business Against Substance Abuse) Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and coordinating resources for drug-free workplaces.  (BASA Coalition was a precursor to Working Partners System, Inc.)

1997: Working Partners Systems, Inc., a private, for-profit business, is established to provide employers consultation services and products to establish drug-free workplaces and other workforce behavioral changes.

2000: In August of 2000, BASA Coalition and Working Partners Systems, Inc., begin working together and become known to the community as Working Partners®.

2022: Fall of 2022 we transitioned the Working Partners® DFWP Employee Education and Supervisor Training division of courses to be managed and delivered by the highly respected Safex, Inc.

2023: Transitioned Consortium and Policy work to Christopher White and his team to “continue the legacy” of Working Partners® by delivering high-quality services and coordinating the expansion of additional consortium benefits!