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Workforce Initiatives

Alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse is an issue facing every community throughout our country. It is a problem that touches individuals from every walk of life and surfaces in every corner of our communities. And it is a threat to the health and economic viability of these communities, states and the country as a whole.

Truly impacting this issue requires a comprehensive approach, and experts agree that the workplace is the ideal setting for reaching adults and effecting prevention strategies related to alcohol and drug use. But most businesses don’t have the knowledge, resources or tools to take this on alone. And the reality is this problem cannot be addressed one workplace at a time. Improving the workforce and economic potential of our state requires the involvement of stakeholders from government, prevention, business and local communities.

As a lead organization in the field of drug-free workplace issues and services, Working Partners® has significant experience delivering prevention and education services to adult and emerging adult populations. We also have an expertise in assembling the appropriate stakeholders, gathering consensus on objectives, and pooling resources in order to expand the reach of our prevention services to a broader audience.

Through customized projects designed to meet specific needs, we have worked with a variety of community stakeholders – from chambers of commerce and state or city governments to prevention and treatment agencies and community behavioral health boards – to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase workforce readiness and employability
  • Build healthier, stronger, more productive workplaces
  • Create systems to educate employees — who are parents or have influence over young people — to prevent drug use among that population

Following are several workforce initiatives Working Partners® has played a key role in:

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