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Hope Mentoring Project

Logo. Tapestry Hope - Helping Our Peers Excel.The Hope Mentoring Project, developed in partnership with CompDrug and BASA Coalition, was designed to improve reentry success among participants in the Tapestry Therapeutic Community, an existing pre-release substance abuse treatment program at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW).

Working Partners® was tasked to standardize, objectify and improve a program that had evolved organically over several years.  Using adult learning principles and Psycho-Social Drama™ — a training technique that enables exploration of individual attitudes, beliefs and behaviors by acting out different skills and behaviors — Working Partners® was able to enhance the mentoring program to address the following training objectives:

  • standardize a structure for the mentoring program
  • develop a scalable training program for that mentoring structure

After careful analysis of the course material, five new concepts with supporting materials were created to simplify the content and make it more approachable for the target audience:

  1. structure & expectations of the mentor program
  2. three-point “ME with ME” check-in
  3. three unique traits of the mentor relationship
  4. five main functions of the mentor relationship
  5. three elements of meaningful & purposeful communication

The training sessions were attended by approximately 150 participants in the mentor/mentee program and other individuals involved in the Tapestry Therapeutic Community.

Success was measured by decreased recidivism and increased knowledge, resources and skills related to parenting.  Course evaluations were also used to get feedback on the training experience.

  • Over 80% of the participants were able to report back the key learning objectives on the day of the training.
  • 94% reported feeling well-prepared to be a mentor as a result of the training.
  • Session participants said the course prepared them to be a better parent.
  • Participants gave high ratings to the training instructors.