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New Drug Trends Threatening Ohio’s Workforce and Workplaces

The Rise of a New Drug(s) of Choice

Presentation Description:

It’s challenging to stay current on the ever-changing drug trends that can threaten your drug-free workplace, e.g., the alarming increase in cocaine and meth use, the opioid epidemic’s impact on available workers, record-high positive drug test rates and the legalization of marijuana in Ohio and across the nation. Learn what’s happening NOW to better protect your workforce, business operations and bottom line against the impact of drug misuse.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of drug trends currently impacting the workplace and workforce – including an update on the business issues related to Ohio’s medical marijuana law
  • Increase understanding of how these trends can impact drug-free workplace policies/programs and operations
  • Increase awareness of best-practice strategies to prevent and respond to related challenges

Preferred Presentation Length:

60 – 90 minutes

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