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Experience tells us that

  • Employees are more likely to follow the rules if they really understand them.
  • Supervisors are more willing to take action if they know what to do.
  • There is a real advantage to having proof of training, should a problem occur.
  • Many companies don’t have the resources or time to create and implement truly effective programs.

As a result, Working Partners® partnered with Safex who has a comprehensive array of options for supervisor training and employee education that makes the process easier with “best-in-class” Training of Trainer webinars, drug-free workplace training at your location, generic classroom workshops at our location, live interactive webinars, and self-directed web-based courses. Whether we travel to your location, teach you to do it yourself, or meet your employees & supervisors in a webinar, you’re sure to be engaged and find our systems to be truly “hassle-free.”

Training Options Include:

  • Company-Specific Training
  • Training of Trainers
  • Live, Interactive Webinars
  • OnDemand 24/7 Courses
  • Classroom Supervisor Training

Our drug-free workplace courses qualify for compliance (corporate insurance benefits, Ohio BWC Drug-Free Safety Program [DFSP] and other states’ premium reduction programs, state construction mandates, etc.) and may be eligible for Ohio BWC SafetyGRANT$ reimbursement and other grants for programming.

CEUs through HRCI and SHRM are available for select courses.

Who says employee education and supervisor training has to be boring?

A hallmark of Working Partners® is our devotion to education. Our trainers are committed to the practice that it is our responsibility to meet the people and organizations where they are and facilitate a learning opportunity they will embrace. The measure of our success is when the “audience” has chosen to improve health, safety, productivity and profitability.

Dee Mason

Working Partners® is dedicated to our training team. Through rigorous training, quality assurance and continuing education, we pride ourselves in being ‘in a league of our own.’

Karen Pierce

At the end of a class, I want my participants to know more than they knew before they walked into the space, to learn information and skills they can put to use immediately and to grasp the link between personal choices and work performance and safety.

Jim Ryan

I want my participants to have at least one ‘ah-ha’ moment – where they see themselves, a friend or a family member differently and are motivated to take a positive action step.

Allison Sharer

I strive to be authentic and approachable in my trainings, and genuinely care about my participants’ learning experiences. It’s important for me to encourage individual participation but am supportive of all levels of interaction.

Regina Bond

It’s important for me to listen to my participants and tailor my training to meet their specific needs. If I don’t use stories and examples they can relate to, I’ve missed the mark.

Ramona Reyes