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The T. Marzetti Company


Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, The T. Marzetti Company is a food manufacturing company whose quality products are found on the dinner tables of millions of consumers, as well as in top restaurant chains across the country.   Their vision is to bring delicious food to the table, superior service to their customers, and value to their consumers through product innovation and differentiation.


Working safely is one of The T. Marzetti Company’s core values, so it is important to them to operate a comprehensive drug-free workplace program.  However, because T. Marzetti Company has employees operating in 14 facilities in Alabama, California, Kentucky, Iowa, Massachusetts and Ohio they needed a program that could be applied companywide, recognizing the legal and operational differences between the states.

What Working Partners® did:

  • Identified drug-free workplace program elements important to the company’s management team.
  • Worked with their legal counsel to research employment law and legal precedents established in each state the company has facilities in.
  • Consulted management about the differences among the states.
  • Made recommendations for an overall approach to streamline the company’s program nationwide.


  • State-specific documents enabled all locations to facilitate their drug-free program at a local level while staying true to the company’s overarching drug-free workplace program.
  • Provided a support system through the Working Partners® Consortium, giving all facility administrators access to consultation on employee-centric questions relating to the operation of their drug-free workplace program.
  • Employee education and supervisor training are streamlined across all states allowing everyone to receive the same core information about their program, as well as focus on state-specific policy information.


  • We have the drug-free workplace program we want and an easy way to make sure we are complying with local laws, too.  Working with Working Partners® provided us huge savings, not only in the development of all our legal documents, but as we have operationalized our program.  It’s also wonderful to know that, no matter where the facility is located, they only need to reach out to one company – Working Partners® – for help.  They know our program, are familiar with our policy, and connected us to the drug-testing vendor we use.  They are a one-stop shop for all of our locations.  It’s great

    Karl Sommer, Corporate Safety Manager