No matter how thorough any training program is, there will always be situations that occur that weren’t covered in the training.  When that happens, Working Partners® is there to answer our questions and come to our aid.  Busy HR departments today have their hands full keeping up with the latest legislative or regulatory changes that effect the employment environment.  Knowing that we can count on Working Partners® to keep our SFWP program up to date is a real comfort.  They are truly more than a service provider; they are, in fact, our “working partner.”

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Dee Mason, Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Dee Mason is the founder and CEO of Working Partners Systems, Inc. (Working Partners®), based in Central Ohio. Spending the last 25 years as a pioneer in the drug-free workplace field, Dee is now recognized as one of the most knowledgeable drug-free workplace program consultants in the nation.

Dee’s work includes building drug-free operational systems for large-scale applications such as Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation drug-free workplace premium discount program and Nationwide Enterprise’s two year, 1.5 million man-hour arena construction project. Constantly monitoring the legal, legislative and professional issues impacting drug/substance-free workplace programs, Dee’s expertise has been called upon by leaders and legislators including the Ohio Legislative Budget Office which requested for her input as it analyzed the financial impact that could result from Ohio’s proposed H.B. 660 (which later became law as H.B. 223).

In 2014, she conceptualized and built and A Dose of Reality campaign for Cardinal Health Foundation to engage and arm workforces nationwide to become active agents in the prescription drug abuse battle. And most recently, Dee was asked to join a think tank with nine national experts, convened by the Chairman of the Board and CEO (retired) of UPS, to develop a white paper containing guiding principles concerning the impact legalized marijuana can have on the workplace.

Although in projects such as these, Dee is relied upon to conceptualize large system-wide answers, justify feasibility, provide development and technical assistance to entities ranging from municipalities and state agencies to large private sector development entities and trade groups, all her work is founded in practical hands-on experience. She developed and leads Working Partners®, the most comprehensive drug-free workplace services organization in the Midwestern United States.

Working Partners® has ‘feet-on-the-ground’ every day servicing over 1,700 employers a year throughout the U.S. who are motivated to operate drug-free workplace programs for workforce quality and/or fiscal issues or to comply with regulatory entities. The clientele are of every industry and size, with and without federal mandates and unionized workforces. Working Partners® provides services needed to operate a drug-free workplace program including consultation; written corporate policies; training for management, supervisors and employees; and buying group consortium services for employee assistance and drug testing.

Dee’s contributions to the field over the years have won resources (e.g. grants, pilot positions for new resources, etc.) and recognition from leaders at the Department of Labor, Office of National Drug Control Strategy, Small Business Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace and the Employee Assistance Professionals Association. Dee has also earned several distinctions for her work including special recognition awards from Ohio governors and state administrators and several industry related organizations.

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