• Comprehensive – Working Partners® provides services than encompass all five essential elements of an effective drug-free workplace agenda.

  • Innovative – Working Partners® is responsive to changes in the business, manufacturing and construction environments, developing new products and services to fit ever-changing cultural, legal, legislative and economic circumstances.

  • Practical – Working Partners® spans the range of client needs, offering products and services from Policy and Program Development to Employee Education and Supervisor Training, as well as consultation, ongoing technical assistance services and access to discounts.

  • Easy-to-implement – Working Partners® provides turnkey solutions, including out-of-the-box training materials that are ready for quick and simple implementation, supported with training and technical assistance.

A Drug-Free Workplace

Working Partners® has products and services that can help your company get started with a drug-free workplace (DFWP) program that's right for you, or help you put in place the right processes for maintaining your program, depending upon your specific situation.

Working Partners® can assist companies in designing, implementing and maintaining a DFWP program. We can ensure your program is legally sound and customized for your workplace culture and operations as well as compliant with all local, state and federal requirements and collective bargaining agreements. We help our clients take maximum advantage of the many savings and benefits programs available to drug-free workplaces.

The mission of Working Partners® is to assist businesses in the implementation of measures to protect company productivity and profitability and improve the quality of life for their workforces. Working Partners® provides DFWP products and services that are comprehensive, innovative, practical and easy to implement.

Working Partners® has seven standard models for developing DFWP programs so you can be assured there is one to suit your company's size and budget. The service models range from a menu of specific services to comprehensive out-of-the-box solutions.

No matter what level of awareness or need your company has regarding substance abuse and drug-free workplace programs, Working Partners® will be able to provide, coordinate and/or refer you to needed resources.

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