Check out our videos sharing drug-free workplace program hints, tips and sketches. Whether talking about random drug testing pools, party planning or general information about alcohol and other drugs, Working Partners® staff and friends share information to help you effectively operate a drug-free workplace program.

These videos originally appeared in our monthly E-blast. If you don’t want to wait for those videos appear on this page, sign-up to receive our E-blast. In addition to a video, each edition contains useful information for those operating drug-free.

  • Party Planning with Karen

    Popular around the holidays, company sponsored parties are a great way to build camaraderie among coworkers and to have a good time. But planning these parties can be tricky, especially when alcohol is involved. Working Partners® Karen offers some tips and ideas to consider for your next party.

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  • 4 DFSP Annual Report Tricks

    Drug-Free Safety Program deadlines don’t have to be stressful! By implementing the four simple “tricks” mentioned in the video, you’ll save time and feel prepared when it comes time to submit your Annual Report.

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  • Scott’s on a Jobsite

    Do you bid or work on state jobs (in Ohio)? Do you use subcontractors to help complete these state projects? If so, not only do you need to run a drug-free workplace program, but you need to make sure your subcontractors are drug-free too. Join Working Partners® Scott and Jim M. as they hang out […]

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  • Jim’s Home Run Advice

    Drinking alcohol during company organized/sponsored social events is usually permitted by drug-free workplace policies. However, just because employees are “off the clock” doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want at these events. Nor does it mean that an employer can’t be held liable for something an “off the clock” employee does at these events. […]

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  • Spring Cleaning with Scott & Karen

    Spring is a popular time to air things out and clean-up items that have accumulated during a long cold winter. It is also a great time to air-out/review your drug-free workplace program. Working Partners® Karen and Scott offer five tips to help make sure your program is running as smoothly as it possibly can.

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