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Purchase Agreement

1.0 General Terms

By remitting payment, the participating company is accepting the terms and conditions as outlined below.

The purchaser/company representative is obligated to share the terms and conditions of this agreement with other company representatives as needed (e.g., corporate officers with a “need to know,” course attendees).

Client will permit corporate name to be referenced in press releases, articles, etc.

1.1. Copyright

The materials provided under this agreement (in written, electronic and media forms) are protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Dee Mason and Working Partners Systems, Inc. (“Working Partners®”) are granting a limited license to the purchaser of materials to use them for the purchaser’s private, internal, non-commercial use. All other rights are expressly reserved by Working Partners® and the copyright owner. Any reproduction or any other private or public use or display of the materials or creation of another work based on Working Partners® materials without the express written consent of Working Partners® and Dee Mason is strictly prohibited and may subject the offender to civil liability and criminal penalties.

1.2. Right to Deny

Working Partners® reserves the right to redirect the purchaser and/or deny participation from the selected program/class or service after the purchase is made. In such circumstance, the purchaser’s payment will be fully refunded or applied to the suggested alternative, as directed by the purchaser.

1.3. Single Workers’ Compensation Risk Number

The terms and conditions limit the use of Working Partners® materials, documents or resources to the purchasing company’s employees and supervisors. A single company is designated by an individual corporate Federal I.D. number and/or workers’ compensation policy/risk number. Any use of the materials, documents or resources with a company other than the purchasing company will constitute a copyright violation. Policies and other resources for any entity beyond the contracting company, herein identified by a single Federal I.D. number and/or Workers’ Compensation policy/risk number, may be negotiated at a discount.

1.4. Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OBWC) Safety Grant$ Program

Our Ohio-based clients have experienced partial reimbursement for services that qualify for OBWC Safety Grant reimbursement. Working Partners® will not submit Safety Grant forms on behalf of the purchaser.

2.1 Training of Trainers (TOT) Specific Requirements

License to use Working Partners® TOT: Employee Education, Supervisor Training, Compliance Materials or Toolbox Talks Manual requires annual compliance with our TOT System. The materials purchased under this agreement are licensed for use for one year from purchase date. Continued use requires renewing the license. The company will violate copyright law if these materials are used without renewing the license.

3.1 OnDemand 24/7 Specific Requirements

Each OnDemand registrant must have a unique e-mail address or user name. An e-mail or user name shared by individuals is not supported. Working Partners® is not responsible for delays caused by our hosting company’s downtime, either for maintenance or equipment failure. Only Microsoft Windows based computers are supported for courses. Any alternate devices (e.g., tablets, smart phones) are not supported as playback platforms. Due to the immediate nature of OnDemand 24/7 training, refunds, transfers or registrant changes will not be issued or allowed. All OnDemand 24/7 courses will be available to the registrant for a limited period of time, as explained in the course description. After the elapsed time, the registrant will need to purchase the course again if they failed to complete it in the time allowed.

4.1 Class Specific Requirements

In order to guarantee participation in a class, the purchaser must register and submit payment by the end of business on the Friday of the week before the class date. TOT participants must register and submit payment 10 days prior to the course date, because materials will be shipped to your business. Attendees of Drug-Free Workplace classes are strongly encouraged to bring a copy or have a copy of their corporate drug-free workplace program documents available during the class.

4.2 Employee Education and Supervisor Training

Class participation will close 15 minutes after the class start time for two-hour classes, and 10 minutes after class start time for one-hour classes.

Our webinar classes require the attendee to verbally participate and verbally respond to roll calls administered during the class. The attendee must also be signed into the computer-based webinar software. An internet connection and telephone line are required to meet these requirements. Each attendee must have an individual phone line (no speaker phones) and a computer. Multiple attendees on one computer or phone line are not supported.

4.3 Rescheduling Policy

There will be no charge the first time an attendee must reschedule, as long as the request is received at least six business days prior to the class date. An administrative fee of $25 will apply if the request to reschedule is fewer than six business days prior to class or it is the participant’s second time rescheduling. No shows will be charged the full cost of training.

Working Partners® reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a class due to weather, technical issues or class requirements. In such an event, Working Partners® will work with individual clients to reschedule or refund their money. Working Partners® will not be responsible for any other expense incurred by the client due to the cancellation.

4.4 Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made at least six business days prior to the beginning date of the course will receive a full refund. Cancellations made fewer than six business days prior to the beginning date of a course will not be refunded. No refunds will be issued after class materials have been shipped. In some cases, materials will be shipped prior to six business days and this will negate the possibility of a refund. No refunds will be issued after a class/webinar is completed.

5.1 Product/DFWP Policy Specific Requirements
In order to guarantee participation in consortium membership or shipment of product, the client must submit payment.

Products requiring a completed Enrollment Form will not be fulfilled until the Enrollment Form is submitted.

Company management should be aware that the company will incur additional costs as the program is implemented. These may include consortium costs (if elected); costs of educating employees and training supervisors; costs for drug testing; and any needed additional work to service companies operating in multiple states, with unions, Spanish-speaking employees; etc.

5.2 Product Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be issued after a product is shipped. In the case of policy development, the purchaser will be refunded 50% of the entire price of the product if the cancellation is made before the policy documents have been created by Working Partners®.

6.0 Legal

The information contained in communications between Working Partners® and the recipient/s is confidential and subject to work product, attorney-client, or other legal privilege. If the reader of this communication is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of the communication is strictly prohibited.

The content of the Working Partners® presentations and/or materials are meant for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. As such, they should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a legal professional or other competent advisors. Please contact a licensed attorney to obtain advice with respect to any legal issue discussed in presentations and/or materials or regarding a situation specific to your business.