Prescription Painkillers & Heroin

Nationwide, prescription drug abuse is considered epidemic. Abuse rates, overdoses and deaths specifically from the misuse of prescription painkillers have soared. This trend has also lead to the increased abuse of heroin as abuser look for their next fix. States are frantically working to address this problem and raise awareness on this issue.

Here are some articles we have written based on our research and experiences we thought you might find interesting. Some of the information directly relates to running a drug-free workplace program, other articles review legislation and other trends, providing an overview on what is happening with prescription drugs and heroin, all of which helps arm you as you consider how these substances could impact your business or employees.

Narcotic Abuse Concern for Workers’ Comp3/2013
Injured Workers & Rx Opioid Use3/2013
Workers’ Compensation Rx Benchmarks9/2011
Indicators for Painkiller Addiction Uncovered12/2010
Law Passed for Disposal of Rx Drugs12/2010
Prescription Pain Med Treatment Admissions Skyrocket9/2010
Workplaces Major Underwriters of Prescription Drug Abuse9/2009
ER Visits Involving Prescription Drug on the Rise5/2007
Diverted Drugs5/2007
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