Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

State legislation of medical marijuana is an emotionally charged topic, fraught with competing information and research. Although this drug poses several health risks, cannabinoids (chemicals found in the marijuana plant) are being investigated as a possible treatment for a wide-range of diseases. California was the first state to pass medical marijuana legislation in 1996 and since then various states and interest groups have taken on this issue. Regardless of your personal position on the issue it is important to consider the impact medical marijuana could have in your workplace and on your business as a whole. This can be a difficult task depending on where you do business and changing legislation that is taking place in your state of residence.

Our team at Working Partners® has authored several marijuana-related publications based on our research and experiences regarding medical marijuana and the workplace. Some of the information directly relates to running a drug-free workplace program, while other articles review medical marijuana legislation and trends. This overview on what is happening with medical marijuana is meant to help arm you as you consider how medical marijuana legalization could impact your business and your employees.

The Blunt Truth About Marijuana3/2013
What Medical Marijuana Means for Employers1/2013
Marijuana – What’s Up? CHANGES!12/2012
Issue Spotlight: Medical Marijuana12/2011
Societal Impacts of Medical Marijuana are Beginning to Show Themselves9/2010
AMA Calls for More Research into Medical Use of Marijuana3/2010
More Seniors Smoking Marijuana3/2010
Some Marijuana Users May Face Withdrawal Symptoms8/2008
Marijuana: The “Soft” Drug?8/2008
State Laws Governing Medical Marijuana at Odds with Federal Government and Medical Organizations5/2007
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