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Employer Perspectives on Hiring & Retaining People in Recovery

Presentation Description:

Employers are struggling to find and retain healthy, safe and productive employees. And there are serious problems taking seed among the workforce during these unprecedented times. Even before all the stresses of 2020, American workers testing positive for illicit drugs hit a sixteen-year high in 2019. And since then, drug overdose deaths have risen, almost a third of adults report drinking on the clock, and over half of the country has suffered at least one negative mental health effect from COVID-19 related stress.

This has led to a lot of talk about the benefits of hiring individuals in recovery and how the workplace can be a powerful place to prevent and respond to the harmful use of substances. Yet these concepts may bubble up feelings of concern and apprehension for some in the business sector. Employers need to understand what a recovery-supportive workplace looks like and that it is attainable (and good for the bottom line).

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the perceptions of businesses around substance misuse, disorder and treatment
  • Increase understanding of how offering assistance to an employee fits within a best-practice DFWP program
  • Increase awareness of the elements of a recovery-supportive workplace

Preferred Presentation Length:

60 – 90 minutes

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