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Now What?! Protocol Packages for Taking Action on Alcohol/Drug Issues

Looking for practical and easy tools to handle alcohol and other drug situations? Tools that can support your alcohol and drug policy?

We know it can be difficult to enforce your alcohol and drug policy consistently and objectively – especially if you’ve got more “policy” than “procedures,” don’t have to use it often or have lots of people involved in the decision-making process.

Working Partners® Protocol Packages* provide your HR and management teams with an instructional video, written procedures and resources (e.g., flowcharts and forms) to help you address common drug-free workplace situations —  like having suspicion that an employee is under the influence, not knowing when or how to intervene in an employee’s use of prescription drugs.

*NOTE: Protocol packages are NOT INTENDED for Working Partners® clients who have our Premium Policy, as your policy/program documents already contain the resources provided in these packages.

Available Packages (with more on the way!)

HELP! I think my employee’s under the influence: The Do’s and Don’ts of Reasonable Suspicion

When it comes to handling suspicions of an employee’s alcohol or other drug use, many employers wonder, “How do I approach this employee? Do I have reason enough to test? What if I’m wrong?” This protocol package will help you develop procedures to objectify and document your suspicions and respond quickly and consistently.


  • 20-minute, informational video on two types of reasonable suspicion you may encounter and tips for using the protocol package tools and resources
  • Four tools/resources
    • Customizable Guidelines: Referring Employee to Reasonable Suspicion Testing
    • Form: Observation Checklist
    • Procedural Flow Chart: Determining Reasonable Suspicion
    • Procedural Flow Chart: Handling Tips


Can my employee take that? The Do’s and Don’ts of Medication Use at Work

While medication use (prescription and over-the-counter) has many benefits, some medications can also compromise the safety, productivity and public image of your workplace. This protocol package examines the actions you can take regarding an employee’s medication use and provides tools to help you balance an employee’s rights and your need to provide a safe workplace.


  • 20-minute, informational video on how to balance your organization’s obligation to maintain a safe and productive workplace while protecting employees’ rights to take medication and tips for using the protocol package tools and resources
  • Three tools/resources
    • Guidelines: Policy Considerations
    • Procedural Flow Chart: Prescription Medication Approach
    • Form: Fitness for Duty Verification


Protocol Packages contain materials designed to be customized and applied by the purchasing organization for their internal use. Any other use is a violation of Working Partners® copyright.

Protocol Packages are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal or medical advice. It should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a legal or medical professional or other competent advisors. Please contact a licensed attorney to obtain advice with respect to any legal issue regarding utilizing this package or regarding any situation that’s specific to your business.