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Now What?! Protocol Packages for Taking Action in the Workplace

Looking for practical and easy tools to address challenging alcohol and other drug situations? Tools that can support your alcohol and drug policy?

Working Partners® Protocol Packages provide operational procedures, resources and guidance designed to help your organization address common drug-free workplace program concerns and situations like addressing the use of prescription drugs in the workplace or handling alcohol use during company events.

Below is a list of currently available topics. Additional topics will become available as they are developed.

Responding to Reasonable Suspicion in the Workplace

When it comes to handling reasonable suspicion in the workplace, many businesses and supervisors wonder, “What if I’m wrong about what I think I’m observing?”  Despite this concern, many organizations don’t have consistent protocols for handling reasonable suspicion situations when they do arise. This protocol package will help your organization develop a system to ensure that situations involving reasonable suspicion are handled quickly, objectively and consistently.

Included in this package

  • 20-minute, informational video about the types of reasonable suspicion you may encounter in the workplace and instructions for using the resources included in this package
  • Four downloadable resources
    • Customizable Reasonable Suspicion Guidelines
    • Reasonable Suspicion Flowchart
    • Reasonable Suspicion Observation Checklist
    • Flow Chart for Handling Tips