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Program Administrator Boost Camp

It’s a big responsibility to administer a DFWP program, and the consequences of a misstep can be devastating.  Whether you’re new to the role, have been doing it forever and could use a refresher, or serve as a back-up, this course is designed to help you and your company get into shape to avoid doing something that could get you into hot water.

Keeping all the hallmarks of our live, interactive webinars, this course will help assure you have what it takes to run a drug-free workplace program that is operationally sound, time-efficient and effective in protecting your workplace and your employees from the consequences of substance misuse:

  • know your policy/program documents inside and out
  • have systems in place to make implementing and following your policy easy
  • be ready to confront tough alcohol/drug issues that could happen in your workplace

This course is highly interactive and policy specific.  Therefore, all participating companies must have a drug-free workplace policy written by Working Partners® and participants will need access to a computer (no sharing) and be able to hear and speak to the trainer by phone.