Drug-Free Policy & Program

A detailed drug-free policy that clearly identifies the rules, rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employees is the cornerstone to an effective drug-free workplace (DFWP) program. This is a legal document that is most effective when tailored to an organizationís specific needs and culture.

  • We offer a range of customized policies to fit any organization size and budget that include
    • policy
    • operational and procedural guides for use by management and supervisors to help implement the policy
    • a set of customized appendices and forms to streamline a programís operational procedures

  • All policies are developed with legal counsel recognized by the American Bar Association as a specialist in the field.
  • None of our policies have been challenged in court.

Already have a drug-free workplace policy? Major changes within your organization along with legislative changes made by states and other governing bodies can impact how you run your program. It is important that your policies and program change accordingly. Policy audits, program modifications and updates, and new program elements are all items we can help you address.

Consultation Services

Questions about your drug-free workplace are bound to come up while running your program. Let us help. Our experienced staff is available to answer your questions and guide you through any complex questions or issues you encounter.

Need help with a policy or a complex drug-free workplace question? Give us a call 614.337.8200.

We also offer courses to specifically geared toward how to operate and maintain a drug-free workplace

Drug-Free Workplace Program Administrator Boo(s)t Camp WebinarWorking Partners Shopping Cart

Itís a big responsibility to administer a DFWP program, and the consequences of a misstep can be devastating. Whether you're new to the role, have been doing it forever or serve as a back-up, this 2.5-hour webinar is designed to help you and your company get into shape to avoid doing something that could get you into hot water. The webinar will help assure you have what it takes to run a DFWP program that is legally sound, time efficient and effective in preventing your workplace and your employees from the consequences of substance abuse.

Drug-Free Workplace Fundamentals Course

This half-day course provides a helpful guide for organizations preparing to implement a drug-free workplace program or who are in the process of policy/program development. Participants will learn the basics of an effective drug-free workplace program with special emphasis on legal issues, employee rights, the process and reliability of alcohol/drug testing, and the "ins and outs" of referring employees for assistance.

Drug-Free Workplace Program Operations Course

This course is designed to help participants increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their drug-free workplace (DFWP) programs. Topics of discussion include working with vendors; establishing procedures for post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random testing; and creating a "hassle-free" education/training system for employees and supervisors.

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