Our biggest success story with our program involved an employee who was tested for reasonable suspicion. It was early in our program, at a time when we were still trying to figure out how to best implement our program. He was tested and was found to be under the influence of alcohol. We referred him for an assessment and for treatment, and when he came back to work his productivity greatly increased. Before we confronted him he was marginally doing his job. Now he is working in a lead role and is a very valued member of our team. Our program saved this guy.

Joby Woodford
Non-ferrous Manufacturing Product and Process Engineer
Funk Finecast, Inc.

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Drug-Free Workplace Training of Trainers

Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do it yourself. Our Training of Trainers (TOT) courses - Employee Education and Supervisor Training - enable your organization to do just that. Working Partners® will give you all the materials you need to present the information:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Facilitator notes
  • Handouts
  • Scenarios [Supervisors]
  • DVD [Employees]

Key to each course is an interactive, live webinar. With participants logged in on their computers and over the phone, our experienced training team goes through how to use these materials to deliver effective and relevant sessions.

No matter what your skill level, the TOT courses and materials are designed to help you feel comfortable when it is time for you to deliver your organization's drug-free workplace training and education sessions. Also, as part of our TOT "system," qualifying participants receive new, topical materials each year (PowerPoint presentation, employee exercises, audio scenarios, handouts, etc.) to keep annual sessions fresh and relevant.

Engagement and interaction is critical for the course. Therefore, each participant must have access to a computer (no sharing) and be able to hear and speak to the trainer by phone.

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TOT courses qualify for compliance (Department of Transportation, corporate insurance benefits, Ohio BWC Drug-Free Safety Program [DFSP] and other states' premium reduction programs, state construction mandates, etc.) and may be eligible for Ohio BWC SafetyGRANT$ reimbursement.