If it was not for Working Partners®, I would be completely lost as well as inefficient in my position as Program Administrator for our drug-free workplace program. Thanks to Working Partners® training and technical support, I am very confident in my role. The Program Administrator course that I took was helpful not only with updating our policy but also with assisting me with the understanding of each and every “will” and “may” in our policy. I walked away from the class feeling confident not only in our policy but also in myself for truly understanding our policy. I recommend the Program Administrator Course to anyone who is just starting a drug-free workplace policy or to someone that is new to the position.

Shane Muzina
Assistant Controller
Acoustic Ceiling and Partition Company of Ohio
<i>Working Partners</i><sup></sup> products and services will fit the needs for your drug-free workplace program

Working Partners Products & Services

The most effective drug-free workplace (DFWP) program includes five elements:

  1. a written substance abuse policy and operations
  2. employee awareness & education
  3. supervisor training
  4. an employee assistance plan of action
  5. drug and alcohol testing.

Whether you need a new or revised policy, have a new supervisor to train in reasonable suspicion or want to randamly test your employees, we can help. Working Partners has a variety of products and services to help you easily implement and maintain your DFWP program.

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