Increased absenteeism. Frequent injuries. Damaged equipment. All of these can be signs of substance abuse in a landscaping company. Recognizing the signs is the first step in realizing that as an employer you need to take action to ensure the safety of all your workers.

Substance abuse threatens not only the safety of your workers; it also impacts your bottom line. Working Partners® can help you reduce the high costs of workplace substance abuse and improve safety, reduce company liability and maximize available workers' compensation discounts.

Employers who have a drug-free workplace can take advantage of many workers' compensation premium savings opportunities, including up to 90% premium discount over the course of five years in Ohio. Grant monies, such as Ohio's Safety GRANT$ (up to $10,000 for private sector state-funded companies), are available to assist employers with the costs of operating drug-free.

According to the Ohio House Bill 80 , if you're a contractor or subcontractor in Ohio without an approved drug-free workplace program, you will not qualify to bid on state administered construction projects.  If you are working on a state job, you can face severe penalties and barment from future projects. Several states around the nation have similar laws enacted.

So, if you're a landscaping company you need an effective drug-free workplace program for safety and in some cases to qualify for work.

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