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  • Out With a Bang!

    Out with a Bang! Working for You in 2018

    (December 14, 2018)

    (Winter 2018) Who can believe it is almost 2019? Where has the year gone? Between the time we all rang in 2018, until now, we have been hard at work keeping tabs on drug-free workplace issues and trends to make sure we can provide the best possible service to you. We’ve traveled near and far […]

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    Are You Ready? Delay in Ohio’s Marijuana Law Gives Employers Time to Prepare

    (September 21, 2018)

    (Fall 2018) The intended date for Ohio’s new medical marijuana law to be fully operational has come and gone. While the delay is likely frustrating for patients waiting to purchase the drug legally with their doctor’s recommendation, it gives businesses the opportunity to “get their ducks in a row” prior to coming face-to-face with the […]

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  • Can highway laws help Ohio employers decide about medical marijuana?

    Can Highway Laws Help Ohio Employers Decide About Medical Marijuana?

    (September 21, 2018)

    (Fall 2018) With Ohio employers needing to determine whether they are going to permit/accommodate employee use of medical marijuana or not, it might be helpful to evaluate any existing guidance or laws already established in the state on the subject, e.g., laws around OVI (operating a vehicle while impaired). Let’s back up just a moment […]

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  • Medical Marijuana Access

    Medical Marijuana Is Coming, but Will Patients Be Able To Access It?

    (June 22, 2018)

    (Summer 2018) On September 8, 2018, Ohio House Bill 523 – allowing for the use of medical marijuana – will go into effect.  But just because the law passed, doesn’t mean that employees will have carte blanch to use medical marijuana. Every Ohio employer needs to decide what will be their stance on having employees […]

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