Photo of Katie Lemke

What is the favorite part of your job?

I truly enjoy working with businesses as they troubleshoot a situation.  I have a sensitivity to their critical situation and appreciate their willingness to work together as we unfold the story and identify options for handling the situation.  There’s no standard scenario.

What are your personal passions?

Since childhood, I have loved creating things – from painting and drawing to putting together furniture or making silly videos.

Share a fun fact about yourself – a quirky tidbit.

I’m one of those people who considers my dog my child, puts her in cute jackets and carries her in a bag.  In my defense, she’s small.  Margo is a snuggly, yet terrorizing French Bulldog.

What is your professional background?

I have a BA from The Ohio State University in Psychology and Human Development and an MSEd. from the University of Dayton in Counselor Education.  I held licensure in mental health (LPC) and substance treatment (LICDC) when I was a counselor in various agencies, as well as performed assessments for two forensic psychologists.  Now that I’ve shifted my professional focus from treatment to prevention, I’m pursuing a new licensure (OCPS).  I am also a member of ADAPAO.