Why Choose Working Partners® for your Drug-Free Workplace Policy?

  • Working Partners® is the only organization focused solely on helping employers implement comprehensive, effective drug-free workplace (DFWP) programs, policies and the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation's Drug-Free Safety Program.
  • Working Partners® works with you on compliance needs and can assist you in qualifying for workers' compensation and insurance discounts, as well as grants and other special funding.
  • Working Partners® professionals have Master- or Bachelor-level degrees, including Social Work, Psychology and Public Policy & Management. Our trainers have an average of 15 years of experience working in the field of DFWP programs and policy, the Drug-Free Safety Program, and chemical dependency.
  • Developed in consultation with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Working Partners® products and services are approved by the Bureau and qualify for premium discounts and grants for employers who maintain a drug-free workplace policy.
  • Working Partners® products and services are comprehensive, innovative, practical and easy-to-implement. With the consultation, products and services that Working Partners® provides you may also buffer your company's legal exposure.

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