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Working Partners® Consortium Members and Alliance Partners have access to critical information that keeps them up-to-date on important drug-free workplace issues.

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How to Become a Working Partners® Alliance Partner

Working Partners® views every business alliance separately to provide flexible options for our partners. Here are a few ways we currently work with our alliance partners to help them provide Working Partners® products and services to their constituencies. For further information or to explore other options, please contact us at 614-337-8200 or 866-354-3397.

Referral Fee Structure
An account representative of a third-party alliance can receive a fee when he/she refers a potential client to Working Partners® and that client purchases services or products from Working Partners®.

Wholesale Pricing per Unit
A third-party company may negotiate to be responsible for administering intensive marketing in return for preferred pricing on Working Partners® products and services. The third-party alliance can choose to pass the lower rate on to the client or the special pricing allows the third-party room for a mark-up or commission.

Bulk Wholesale Pricing
The third-party alliance (subject to other contractual requirements) can pre-purchase Working Partners® products and services at a cost substantially reduced from market cost. They are then responsible for selling the products and services at whatever price they desire. At this level, a third-party alliance can also choose to make these products and services available to their association clients for those associations' members. There is potential to accommodate two levels of mark-up in this scenario.

License Relationships
Generally this works for associations, occupational medicine providers, and direct service providers who desire a revenue stream. Staff of these organizations can be trained and licensed under Working Partners® to apply our products and services, creating a revenue stream as well as value added services for their members or clients.

Cooperative/Partnership Venture
An example of this type of alliance would be an organization that wants to cooperate on a comprehensive consortium that they can offer to all of their groups for re-sale.

Establishing a Drug Free Safety Program in your Ohio Business