Funk Finecast developed their drug-free workplace policy with the assistance of Working Partners® several years ago. The development process was very involved and lengthy, as our company practice is to work with a steering committee to develop and adopt such practices. The whole process took over a year and Working Partners® was very patient and instrumental in educating our committee and working with them to understand the difficult issues involved in developing a drug-free workplace. The effort that we put into the development process, though, was well worth it. We have had no big confrontations from employees about what we implemented. We were able to do it the right way.

Joby Woodford
Non-ferrous Manufacturing Product and Process Engineer
Funk Finecast, Inc.

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By working with industry associations and other service organizations, Working Partners® reaches out to employers to explain the importance of implementing drug-free workplace programs.

In addition to the many organizations who refer their members and clients, in Ohio, statewide trade or service organizations endorse Working Partners® as their preferred provider of DFWP programs. Clients and members of these organizations receive regular updates on DFWP issues through their trade or service organization. In return for their endorsement, these organizations benefit from special pricing; special packaging, and convenient, customized services for their members.

  • Careworks and CareWorksComp
  • Builders Exchange, Inc.
  • Alternative Risk Management
  • Benefit 1 Group
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • Hunter Consulting Company
  • Ohio Construction Suppliers Association
  • Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete Association
  • Sequent
  • The Ohio Manufacturers' Association


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