What Employers Should Know Now That Ohio Legalized Medical Marijuana

(Summer 2016) On June 8 Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 523, making Ohio the 25th state (plus Washington D.C.) to legalize medical marijuana. The law will go into effect this September. However, marijuana for medical use will not be available for purchase within the state for up to two years while the state establishes the infrastructure and regulations around growing and selling the drug ...

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Help Is Here

There are two things you can do today to help ensure you and your employees understand the impact of HB 523, Ohio's new medical marijuana law:

  1. Watch this brief, informative video that reviews elements of the law, some of its intricacies and prepares businesses for how to respond if an employee expresses interest in using medical marijuana.
  2. Post this employee notice in common areas throughout your facility to inform employees that your position on marijuana has not changed and individuals who test positive for marijuana will be dealt with according to your organization's policies.

Plus, a package of 14 valuable reference resources to help you understand specific aspects of medical marijuana including a user-friendly summary of Ohio's HB 523, the Federation of State Medical Boards' recommendations for physician handling of medical marijuana and helpful articles. These will also help you think through the stance your organization will take concerning medical marijuana in the future.

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Marijuana Misperceptions

The Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) created two brochures to address marijuana misconceptions and give employers information about how marijuana can impact their workplace. Check out what DATIA created.

Top 10 Misperceptions about Marijuana Top 10 Marijuana Myths

Business Considerations

Marijuana & Your Business: Workforce Readiness

Marijuana & Your Business: Workplace Operations

Marijuana & Your Business: Legal Considerations

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