No matter how thorough any training program is, there will always be situations that occur that weren’t covered in the training.  When that happens, Working Partners® is there to answer our questions and come to our aid.  Busy HR departments today have their hands full keeping up with the latest legislative or regulatory changes that effect the employment environment.  Knowing that we can count on Working Partners® to keep our SFWP program up to date is a real comfort.  They are truly more than a service provider; they are, in fact, our “working partner.”

Tom Deuber
Lane Aviation

Free Webinars

Working Partners provides free informational webinars at various times throughout the year. The webinars are designed to be engaging and offer attendees insight into aspects of drug-free programs.

Check out a recording of our most recent webinar Marijuana Legalization and Its Impact on Busine$$ Operations.

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