Just a quick note of “thanks” for conducting yesterday’s annual DFWP employee “refresher” courses. I thought you did a wonderful job of taking what might be perceived as mundane, technical information, and making it personable, yet “user friendly” enough (i.e., by adding personal stories and scenarios using relatable references, etc..) so that it was anything but boring! I heard the same sentiment echoed from a few of our employees also, so thanks again for doing such a wonderful job! Hopefully, we can snag you to do our management refresher training as well which I hope to have scheduled within the next few weeks!

Erica Brown
Plaza Properties
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The most effective drug-free workplace (DFWP) program includes five elements:

  1. a written substance abuse policy and operations
  2. employee awareness & education
  3. supervisor training
  4. an employee assistance plan of action
  5. drug and alcohol testing.

Whether you need a new or revised policy, have a new supervisor to train in reasonable suspicion or want to randamly test your employees, we can help. Working Partners has a variety of products and services to help you easily implement and maintain your DFWP program.

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