Our biggest success story with our program involved an employee who was tested for reasonable suspicion. It was early in our program, at a time when we were still trying to figure out how to best implement our program. He was tested and was found to be under the influence of alcohol. We referred him for an assessment and for treatment, and when he came back to work his productivity greatly increased. Before we confronted him he was marginally doing his job. Now he is working in a lead role and is a very valued member of our team. Our program saved this guy.

Joby Woodford
Non-ferrous Manufacturing Product and Process Engineer
Funk Finecast, Inc.

Government & Service Sectors

Substance abuse is not just a problem in businesses associated with the potential for serious accidents, such as manufacturing or construction. In a government study conducted in 1996, employees in businesses such as Business and Repair Services; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; Personal Services; Professional and Related Services; and Public Administration were surveyed regarding drug and alcohol use. Although substance abuse in these fields is less likely to cause bodily harm, the potential for error in record keeping and sensitive financial data is enormous. Quality of service – a key competitive advantage – deteriorates when alcohol and drug abuse are present in the workplace.

Regardless of what business you're in, substance abuse affects your bottom line. Working Partners® can help you reduce the high costs of workplace substance abuse and improve safety, reduce company liability and maximize available workers' compensation and insurance benefits.

Throughout the nation, employers who have a drug-free workplace can take advantage of many workers' compensation premium savings opportunities, including up to 90% premium discount over the course of five years in Ohio. Grant monies, such as Ohio's Safety GRANT$ (up to $15,000 for public sector state-funded companies), are available to assist employers with the costs of operating drug-free.

If you're in the government or service sector, your company needs an effective drug-free workplace program.

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