Working Partners® made it extremely easy for us to put a drug-free workplace policy in place at a time when we really had no clear idea of what direction to take. They were certainly sensitive to the labor/management issues that we face, and with their invaluable assistance we were able to address these union issues head on and still manage to institute an effective policy. Working Partners® also conducts our yearly employee education and supervisor training, and they make it so easy to put it together – we call them and they make it happen!

Randy Stickle
Fire Chief
Clinton Township

Workplace Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

Substance abuse contributes to staggering losses in businesses in the form of absenteeism, health care expenses, theft, lost productivity and the big one – accidents.

In manufacturing, it is estimated that one employee in five is a substance abuser.

In addition to working directly with manufacturing clients, Working Partners® is the endorsed partner of The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA). Working Partners® assists OMA members in reducing the high costs of workplace substance abuse and helps members improve workplace safety, reduce company liability and maximize available workers' compensation discounts.

OMA members receive substantial discounts on all Working Partners® programs and workplace safety services.

Throughout the nation, employers who have a drug-free workplace can take advantage of many workers' compensation premium savings opportunities, including up to 90% premium discount over the course of five years in Ohio. Grant monies, such as Ohio's Safety Grants (up to $10,000 for private sector state-funded companies), are available to assist employers with the costs of operating drug-free.

Whether you are a member of the OMA or not, if you're a manufacturer your company needs an effective drug-free workplace program.

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